[27 Jul, 2006] Dispute in Sejong Hospital resolved

by khmu posted May 20, 2008


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The long-dragged labour dispute of Sejong Hospital was resolved, which about 180 days had continued since last February.

On 24 July the Sejong hospital management and KHMWU made a collective bargaining agreement which stipulated the prohibition of unfair labour practices, cancellation of legal complaints and accusations by both parties, renewal of the abrogated agreement, restoration to the existing wage and working conditions with the introduction of 5-day workweek, KHMWU members' return to hospital business on 25 July and the cancellation of a contract with "guards" hired for assaulting unionists.

The management of Sejong Hospital unilaterally abrogated the collective agreement last December and has kept KHMWU members of the hospital under the conditions of "no collective agreement" for over 6 month since last February. In the mean time, the management dreadfully pressurised the unionists to withdraw from KHMWU and hired "guards" who had used violence against them.

KHMWU had been actively involved in this dispute to protect its 35 members out of 350 employees in the Sejong Hospital who suffered from unjust and illegal suppressions by the management.

During this struggle many international and overseas trade unions provided significant supports for KHMWU and Sejong Hospital workers. Especially, the Public Services International (PSI) organised an urgent action for this case and dozens of its affiliates sent their solidarity messages to KHMWU, and protest lettersto the Sejong Hospital management and the Korean government.

Hong Myung-Ok, KHMWU president said "the driving force of our victory in the Sejong dispute came from the solidarity and unity of 40 thousand of KHMWU members and international supports from global union federations like PSI. With the industrial union's resources and capacity overcoming the limits of company-based in-house union - we were able to successfully conclude our struggle against unfair labour practices and irregularities by Sejong Hospital management".


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