[19 Aug, 2006 ]KHMWU workers voting for strike

by khmu posted May 20, 2008


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[19 Aug, 2006 ]KHMWU workers voting for strike


19 Aug, 2006
KHMWU workers voting for strike

KHMWU organized a vote for collective action from 16 and 18 August. 26,630 out of its 32,274 members (82.5%) joined this vote and 19,590 members (73.56%) cast their votes for strike.

KHMWU has met hospital managements for collective bargaining agreements since May and tried to conclude the CBAs under the mutual understanding between management and labor.

KHMWU’s demands includes the creation of hospital employers association for industry-wide collective bargaining, the introduction of minimum wage in hospital sector, employment security for irregular workers, a full implementation of 5-day workweek without deterioration of working conditions, the improvement of working conditions for shift workers, expansion of childcare facilities at work and a wage increase by 9.3%,

KHMWU has made various efforts in the negotiation table to quickly conclude the 2005 industrial bargaining, which reduced the number of union demands, accepted some demands from management side and did not plan any strike schedule. Unfortunately, the KHMWU’s efforts for an amicable settlement have faced a failure, due to a rigid approach of some “hard-line” employers to the negotiation.

With the results of membership vote for strike, KHMWU is planning to stage an industry-wide strike on 24th August, if hospital employers do not show their responsible attitudes to settle this deadlock of CBA negotiation.

KHMWU really hopes to amicably and voluntarily conclude the 2006 industrial bargaining with hospital employers without any intervention by government and make a significant step for the establishment of industrial bargaining structure in hospital sector.