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by 교선실장 posted Sep 05, 2016


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The September 28th General Strike by Industry & The November 12th Mass Rally


The Korea Health and Medical Workers’ Union (KHMU, President Yoo Ji-hyun) decided to hold an all-out, industry-based general strike at the ends of September and October, to win over employers and the government to protest flawed labor market reform. The union is also striking for 2016 collective wage bargaining and to secure a sufficient number of healthcare workers at hospitals. Hence, on August 31st, KHMU held the second round of the temporary congress of union representatives at Seoul National University Dental Hospital. Approximately 200 representatives in the congress announced the final plan for major four strike actions and schedules.


KHMU will hold the first round of an industry-based general strike on September 28th and the second round on October 27th for its major goals.

In addition, the national union of healthcare workers committed to join the November 12th Labor Rally and the mass rally to be attended by 200,000 protesters.


All members of the medical union will organize a signature campaign to call for a petition for the legislation of the Healthcare Human Resources Support Act and will hold chapter press conferences while conducting on-site campaigns all together every Wednesday.


KHMU will enter the first round of a general strike on September 27th for anti-healthcare privatization, an anti-performance-based wage and dismissal system, the healthcare human resource support act and collective wage bargaining. In addition, we at KHMU plan to apply for labor dispute mediation on September 12th and hold an all-night demonstration on September 19th. By September 23rd, we will hold an update session about labor dispute mediation and call for the yes or no vote among union members.


In addition, we will target some companies that are beginning to institute labor reforms such as a performance-based dismissal system and focus our strike actions against those companies, followed by industry-based militant fights against such companies’ move.



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