A Series of Workshops on Healthcare Supply System

by 윤효원 posted Dec 24, 2011


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KHMU has been organizing a series of workshops on transformation of healthcare supply system with the cooperation of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) and Korean Patients Association from 3 November 2011 to 16 February 2012. In the coming elections such as for the National Assembly in April 2012 and for the President of Republic in December 2012, the social welfare and healthcare will be the hot issues. KHMU strongly believes that the healthcare supply system must be radically transformed for the purpose of strengthening of public healthcare system. These workshops are held every Thursday in different hospitals across the nation. 

2011 November and December

  • 3 November: General policy and direction on the issues and topics chaired by Kim Yong-ik  (Professor, Seoul National University)
  • 10 November: Case study on USA presented by Yoo Won-sup (Chungnam National University)
  • 17 November: Primary care system presented by Im Jong-han and Na Baek-ju (Gunyang Medical College)
  • 1 December: The National Assembly Forum chaired by Lee Sangi (Jeju National University)
  • 8 December: Reform of Public Hospitals presented by Lee Sang-gu (Welfare State Society)
  • 16 December: Reform of provincial and local public medical centers by Moon Jung-ju (National Central Medical Center)
  • 22 December: Reform of National University Hospitals presented by Jung Baek-geun (Gyeongsang National University)
  • 27 December: Case study on USA, UK and Japan presented by Kim Taehyun, Nam Sangyo, Yoon Taeho
  • 29 December: Senior Citizen Caring Centers presented by Im Jun (Gacheon Medical College)
2012 January and February
  • 5 January: Reform of small-and-medium- sized private medical agencies
  • 12 January: Reform of public hospitals having special purposes
  • 19 January: Industrial Injury Medical Center of Labor Welfare Corporation under the ministry of labor
  • 27 January: Mental hospital system
  • 1 February:  Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical Science. 
  • 7 February: Reform of private university hospitals
  • 9 February: National blood management system
  • 16 February: General discussion: what is to be done? chaired by Kim Yongik 


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