Korean protest at Jinjoo Medical Center

by 교선실장 posted May 31, 2013


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Nyon, 28 May 2013
Our Ref : UNICARE/AD/rk



Korean protest at Jinjoo Medical Center


Sister Yoo Ji-Hyun:

It is with great admiration and solidarity that we send you and the other union activists engaged in a hunger strike over the impending closure of Jinjoo Medical Center words of encouragement and support.
Your struggle to keep the Jinjoo Medical Center open has made its mark in Seoul and Korea. No one will forget this heroic effort and the personal sacrifices involved in this protest. Governor Hong Joon-Pyo is making a serious mistake that will negatively impact the community served by the hospital. No medical facility that has operated for 103 years will be forgotten.

If Jinjoo Medical Center is closed on May 31st, as planned, we support your efforts to fight back through other means. We applaud your plan to demand an audit from the National Assembly and to initiate a lawsuit against the Kyungsangnamdo Province Municipality based on mismanagement and corrupt practices.

We know there is always the ability to live to fight another day. We stand with you in this important struggle now and in the future.

In Unity,

Alice Dale



Yoo Ji-Hyun-korean protest-28.5.2013.pdf


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