Global Day of Action to Free Cambodian Garment Workers: in Seoul

by 교선실장 posted Feb 11, 2014


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Global Day of Action to Free Cambodian Garment Workers: in Seoul

“Free the 23" " Respect Labour Rights"


As a part of the Global Day of Action to Free Cambodian Garment Workers, KCTU, together with FKTU and KTNC Watch staged a protest action in front of Cambodian Embassy in Seoul.


More than 30 people f...rom different KCTU affiliates including KMWU, KHMU(Korean Health and Medical Workers' Union), KGEU, KPTU, KTU held pickets and chanted together: " Free the 23!" "Respect Labour Rights" "Living Wage for Workers Now"


Yoo Ki-soo, Secretary General of KCTU said "One month ago, we were here to ask the government's responsibility for the bloody repression against the workers' strike for higher wage. Trade unions, civil society, UN and ILO, even the global major fashion brands have demanded a through investigation on the killings and a fair and inclusive process for determining a new minimum wage. However, while the government is keeping silence, not the perpetrators of the killing but workers are still in jail. Korean workers who joined strikes are facing the same repression. Imprisonment, Damage compensation claim, dismissal... Today's action is more than giving solidarity. Workers in two countries are in the same situation. We want to struggle with Cambodian workers to solve the common problems together. We are one!"

Mikyung Choe, Executive Director of Korean House for International Solidarity(KHIS) denounced the collusion between Korean Companies operating in Cambodia and the military forces who engaged in the bloody repression.


After the action, 4 representatives of the groups met Mr.SAMEN SOKHA, counselor in charge of labour affairs to deliver our concerns and demand. The government representative repeatedly said "In democratic society, anyone who want to enjoy their right to strike or right to protest should respect laws. The 23 violated laws by blocking roads." "the opposition party, CNRP is behind the protest." "Our government should respect the international standard but we also should protect the property rights of those who do business in Cambodia." mentioning nothing about the death of the 4 workers.



@Photo by KHMU


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