Solidarity Message from NNU

by 교선실장 posted Jun 09, 2013


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 June  7, 2013


Ms. Ji Hyun Yoo, President

Korean Health and Medical Workers Unions

2nd floor Woosung Bldg.

94-14 Yeoungdeungpo-dong 7-ga


Seoul  150-037

South Korea


Dear Sister Yoo:


On behalf of National Nurses United, the largest union and professional association of registered nurses in the United States, I want to offer our solidarity in your ongoing struggle to keep Jinju Medical Center open.  We applaud KHMU’s valiant struggle on behalf of your patients and the greater South Gyeongsang Province community that count on the Jinju Medical Center for needed health care.  We join you in calling on the provincial governor, Hong Joon-pyo, to reverse his decision to close the facility and urge the provincial assembly to act quickly to ensure that this valuable community asset is saved. 



Access to quality health care is a basic human right.  Austerity measures and health care and other social service cuts are not the answer.   We stand with you and your members in your valiant struggle to save this hospital and defend the people’s right to quality health care.


In solidarity,










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