KHMU INFO <10> December 21, 2016 The KHMU Urges President Park to Immediately Step Down and Be Impeached

by 교선실장 posted Dec 21, 2016


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KHMU INFO <10> December 21, 2016

The KHMU Urges President Park to Immediately Step Down and Be Impeached

The National Assembly Voted to Impeach the President.

This represents the victory of 7 million citizens holding candlelight vigils.


The National Assembly approved the impeachment motion. But, citizens urge an immediate step down of President Park Geun-hye.


The National Assembly passed a motion to impeach the president with the approval of 234 lawmakers out of the 300-seat. The assembly presented 12 articles of the Constitution as legal grounds to try the president in court for her violations of the constitution: popular sovereignty, representative democracy, the rule of law, constitutional provisions regarding the cabinet, the president’s obligations to uphold and observe the constitution, freedom of expression and others. The president’s confidants such as Choi Sun-sil have influenced policy-making processes and deliberations at cabinet meetings.


Considering the mass candlelight vigils to urge the strict rule of law govern the president’s scandal and cause her to immediately step down, the assembly’s motion reflected the people’s will.


Upon releasing news of the motion, the KHMU (The Korean Health and Medical Workers’ Union, President Yoo Ji-hyun) immediately announced a statement: “Even the National Assembly made the right decision. President Park should step down immediately.” At the same time, the KHMU called for the following: an immediate dissolution of the Saenuri Party, an immediate dissolution of the Federation of Korean Industries, which is known for businesses leaders’ seeking only alliances for profit, the imprisonment of the presidents of Chaebols that bribed Choi up to 80 billion won, the abolition of the evil revision of labor law and healthcare privatization, the resignation of all cabinet members and the immediate resignation of the pro-Park media leaders and Park’s supporters.


Up to now, the candlelight vigils have been held a total of 7 times and a total of seven million people attended the protest. That is, every Saturday, around one million citizens on average joined in the demonstration, which is even greater than the number of protesters during the June Demonstration in 1987, which led to Korea’s first democratic system against the military dictatorship. That time, around a total of three to five million people joined the protest.

At the candlelight vigil on December 10 after the motion had passed, approximately 800,000 people gathered in Seoul and 243,400 in the rest of Korea. With its passage, public sentiment became somewhat calmer, but the December 10th protest demonstrated the resolve of citizens to establish a new Korea and step down the president.

The alliance of 1500 civic groups called the “People’s Action to Impeach the Park Geun-hye Administration” organized the candlelight vigil. The organizer estimated around 7.45 million in total (5.83 million in Seoul and 1.62 million and 3,400 in the rest of Korea) joined the protest in Seoul and beyond from the 1st round on Oct. 29 up until the 7th round.


The 6th candlelight vigil on December 3 had the largest group of protesters as it coincided with the National Assembly’s schedule to vote for the motion. That time, around 1.7 million turned out in Seoul alone. In the rest of Korea, 620,000 protested. At the 1st demonstration on October 29, 30,000 people joined in the event at the Seoul Cheongge Square. The 3rd vigil witnessed over one million protesters when the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) joined the demonstration at an organization level.




KHMU held a press conference to urge fact-finding about the Park Geunhye government’s medical gate


Meanwhile, the KHMU held a press conference to urge fact-finding about the Park Geunhye government’s medical gate and to call for the cancellation of healthcare privatization plans.

After the press conference, KHMU members staged an‘Arrest Park Geun-hye Performance’ and marched to the front of the Blue House, gaining the protesters’ attention.

On December 13, the second review of the KCTU’s chair Han Sang-gyun, who had been imprisoned for one year, took place. The court sentenced the chair to a three-year term. In the first trial, he had received a five-year sentence and in the second trial, the prosecutor demanded a five-year imprisonment


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