KHMU INFO<8> June 3, 2014 “White Tide” against Healthcare Privatization

by KANG.yb posted Jun 02, 2014


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KHMU INFO<8> June 3, 2014

KHMU’s Plan to Apply for a Dispute Settlement on June 5, 2014

“White Tide” against Healthcare Privatization




1)    On International Nurses Day, May 12, at noon, the KHMU had a press conference in front of the Seoul Railway Station. The demands are as follows:

ü  To increase the number of nurses, which currently represents one third of the OECD average; to enact a law to guarantee a ratio of patients and nurses

ü  To strengthen public health services; reopen the Jinju Medical Center(a public medical center often visited by working families)

ü  To expand benefits coverage by the National Health Insurance

ü  To oppose the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership (TPP)

ü  To end healthcare privatization policies



2) In collaboration with the Pan-Korea Campaign Center against Healthcare Privatization (PCCHP), the KHMU conducted a campaign before the Government Complex in Seoul from May 12 to the 23rd to protest healthcare privatization policies.


3) In Gwanghwamoon Square, on Wednesday, June 21, at 11 am, the KHMU issued the Relay Declaration that urges the government to resolve the Ferry Sewol disaster in a just and fair manner. Approximately 1,580 medical and healthcare workers attended the event.



4) Joined by the PCCHP and the Korean Railway Workers Union (KRWU), the KHMU members, clad in white, marched in the streets in Seoul on May 24. The march followed the White Tide campaign’s moves by Spanish healthcare workers that successfully fought healthcare privatization. Every 4th Saturday of the month will feature a similar rally. 

5)  The KCTU has been holding a Protest for the Dignity of Human Life to urge the government to investigate the Ferry Sewol disaster, to punish those in charge, and to hold President Park directly responsible. President Yoo Ji-Hyun and presidents of KCTU’s affiliates have been encamped in protest at Seoul Cheongge Plaza for a week.

6) On May 29, one year after the Jinju Medical Center closed, the KHMU held a press conference, conducted one-man protest, and a one-day campaign. In this “Proof Shot campaign,” people are asked to shoot a photo at the campaign site.

7) On May 28, the KHMU had the sixth industrial collective bargaining meeting but failed to reach an agreement with the employers’ representatives. Therefore, the KHMU will apply for a dispute settlement on June 5. 

8) In Korea, elections for municipalities and city councils will take place on June 4, 2014. Four members of the KHMU announced their candidacy for local councils and as heads of gu (boroughs). Furthermore, the KHMU signed a pact with four opposition candidates running for provincial governorships. All four politicians oppose healthcare privatization.



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