Supporting SEIU Local 49-Minimum Standards Campaign

by 교선실장 posted Apr 13, 2015


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Supporting SEIU Local 49-Minimum Standards Campaign

Our union, KHMU(Korean Health & Medical Workers’ Union with 45,000 union members at the hospitals and health care industry in Korea), has a long and proud history of solidarity with working people anywhere they are struggling to organize a union to improve their lives and working conditions. As the primary union for airport workers in our country, we especially seek to work together across borders to raise standards in airports worldwide.

We have learned about the struggle of hundreds of low wage airline contracted workers at Portland International Airport (PDX) who are trying to organize a union with Service Employees International Union Local 49. As the owner of PDX, the Port of Portland can and should take steps to ensure that contracting decisions by airlines do not put passengers, airport workers, or their communities at risk. We understand that the workers have proposed six Minimum Standards including: Standardized Contracting Requirements, Improved Safety, Training, and Equipment Standards, Workforce Retention, Labor Harmony, Whistleblower Protection, and Living Wage and Healthcare improvements. We encourage the Port of Portland to listen to the workers and implement the Minimum Standards they have put forward.

We are honored that the Port of Portland seeks to build economic and cultural ties with our country and maintains offices and staff here to help that work. We look forward to continuing to support a bright future for all workers both here and in the region that the Port serves.

Sincerely Yours,



Yoo, Ji-hyun

President of Korean Health and Medical Workers’ Union(KHMU)

CC: Alice Dale (UNI Property Services Head)

Chris Ng (UNI-APRO Regional Secretary)


Jay Choi (UNI-Korea Desk Coordinator)


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