KHMU INFO <2> February 28, 2017 Five Major Projects and Ten Tasks to Establish New Korea!

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KHMU INFO <2> February 28, 2017

Five Major Projects and Ten Tasks to Establish New Korea!


The KHMU Congress Commit to Struggle to Win in the Presidential Election, Enact the Personnel Law and Secure More Workers in the Medical and Health Sector, and Repeal the Performance-based Pay System.

The Korean Health and Medical Workers’ Union Held the 2017 Annual Congress.


The Korean Health and Medical Workers’ Union (KHMU, President Yoo Ji-hyun) held the 2017 regular congress for two days from February 22 to 23 at the International Conference Room, Seoul Women’s Plaza. At the congress, they made a final decision on the year 2017 struggle plans and strategies.


The congress was attended by representatives from 180 hospitals (no. of union members: 50,000) nationwide and 310 full-time and senior staff working for national and regional union head offices.

President Yoo said in her opening remarks, “As it is said that only by re-organizing and re-arranging trade unions can candlelight revolution be successful, we should complete our own candlelight revolutions at each site and in our daily lives. The mass revolution requires us to make more bold and fundamental changes. Let’s go together with confidence and sense of calling.”


On February 22, KHMU organized a conference about strategies for industry-based movement as part of the congratulatory event for the 19th anniversary of KHMU.


In the two-day congress, rep사진1.jpg

resentatives agreed to set job creation and grand reform in the health and medical sector as top two goals of struggles. They also resolved to enact the Health and Medical Personnel Law within this year to ensure safety of patients, higher quality of medical services, creation of decent social jobs and realization of maternity protection.


In addition, the congress decided to continue the fight against the performance-based pay system and to increase healthcare workers. It also committed to promote the issue of the grand reform in the health sector in order to fundamentally innovate the current ill-structured health and medical system, which has led to increased competitions among medical institutions and encouraged them to seek profits, failing the health and medical service delivery system. Reflective of all noted above, the Final Resolution was adopted. 


Among others, it is noteworthy that the congress confirmed “ Five Major Projects and Ten Tasks for New Korea” that it will propose during the upcoming presidential election campaign period when they struggle to bring about the victory in the election.


At the congress, the presidential candidates Shim Sang-jung (Justice Party), Ahn Hee-jung and Lee Jae-myeong (Democratic Party of Korea) delivered congratulatory remarks and promised to reform the health and medical sector.


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