Move the Act supporting Health and Medical Personnel

by 교선실장 posted Jul 10, 2016


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At 10 pm on 29, along with the national assemblymen of opposition parties, KHMU moved a special act supporting medical personnel. The working conditions of health and medical workers in Korea are severely flawed. While seeing the excessive number of beds and expensive medical equipment in comparison with hospitals in advanced countries, hospitals in Korea have as only a half number of medical workers as OCED average.


To resolve this issue, a comprehensive policy framework should be set and implemented at the national level.


<The Special Act Supporting Health and Medical Personnel> moved on 29 have the following objectives: * to set a stable and comprehensive policy about supporting healthcare workers, * to clarify the state’s accountability for healthcare workers who work for health and lives of the public, *to specify and add items that can complement the current law in relation to supporting healthcare workers, *by doing so, to achieve job stability of healthcare workers and development of the healthcare sector.



KHMU  President Yoo, Ji Hyun




National assembly press conference room


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