KHMU INFO <1>KHMU resolves to fight for “a sufficient number of health and medical workers” and against “the performance-based annual salary system.”

by 교선실장 posted Mar 03, 2016


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KHMU INFO <1> March 3, 2016

KHMU resolves to fight for “a sufficient number of health and medical workers” and against “the performance-based annual salary system.” 



The Commemorative Ceremony for the 18th Anniversary of KHMU and the 2016 Congress of Union Delegates were Held.


The Korean Health and Medical Workers’ Union (KHMU, President Yoo Ji-hyun) resolved to conduct a protest campaign for an increased level of staffing in hospitals. Also, the KHMU agreed to organize to stop the government’s plan for a performance-based annual salary system that would weaken public healthcare services. The South Korean government plans to introduce a performance-based pay system in public hospitals.




The 2016 Congress of Union Delegates occurred on February 23 and 24, together with the Commemorative Ceremony for the 18th Anniversary of KHMU. In the congress attended by 260 union leaders representing 48,000 union members from 170 hospitals and workplaces nationwide, the delegates set campaign plans and protest guidelines for the year 2016.


KHMU passed a motion to legislate a ‘Special Act to Secure a Sufficient Number of Healthcare Workers and actively organize hospital workforces, including irregular workers. In addition, the union has been moving forward with the struggle against the government’s plan for a labor policy amendment that would weaken workers’ rights. 


“The year 2016 is expected to see a change in nurse-related institutions, and we need more decent jobs. Today, the national health insurance records surplus and discussions on the rearrangement of the medical service delivery system are going on. Given the situation, this is the right time to pressure the government to increase the staffing levels in hospitals,” said President Yoo in her opening remarks. She also emphasized that the act on the healthcare workforce proposed at the national assembly must be passed into legislation.


Delegates also resolved to commit to an all-out struggle against the harmful amendment of the labor law, the two major administrative guidelines and healthcare sector privatization. To this end, they will redouble efforts for major protests and strengthen the organizing power in each workplace. The following resolutions in particular have been adopted: 1. An all-out struggle to stop healthcare sector privatization and to uphold the public’s right to health 2. Active participation in the Korean Confederation of Trade Union(KCTU)’s struggle the labor law amendment and two major administrative guidelines.


In addition, KHMU has committed to strengthen its educational programs and each affiliated union: to enhance public medical services; to reopen Jinju Medical Center; to denounce profit-centered management of Catholic University Incheon St. Mary’s Hospital; and to conduct a no holds-barred movement to defend democratic unions and the labor movement.


KHMU has conducted the 3R Campaign – respect to patients, workers and labor – since last year. It became more active by extending its activities at every level nationwide. The 3R campaign includes 1. Creating a safe hospital environment for both patients and workers 2. Creating a warm and welcoming culture without verbal abuse and violence 3 respecting the agreed upon working hours (by securing a sufficient number of workers and providing them with sufficient breaks for a healthy labor environment).


Meanwhile, in the congress, <The 2015 KHMU White Paper on the Response to MERS> was circulated to the delegates. The 780 page-long book addresses the union’s response to MERS and the general situation of the outbreak.

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