KHMU INFO<9> June 15, 2014. KHMU President Yoo Fasts to Protest Government Health Care Privatization Plan.

by KANG.yb posted Jun 15, 2014


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KHMU INFO<9> June 15, 2014

From June 11 until Today, KHMU President Yoo Fasts to Protest Government Health Care Privatization Plan.

KHMU Plans to Stage A Strike from June 24–30.



1) On June 11, the Ministry of Health and Welfare announced a draft amendment of enforcement rules for the medical act as a prior-legislative notice: the revised rules expand the range of permitted for-profit side businesses and the subsequent guidelines permit medical corporations to establish profit making affiliates. 


2) The KHMU held a press conference with the Pan-Korea Campaign Center against Healthcare Privatization (PCCHP). The KHMU lashed out at the government plan for privatization and deregulations, saying on the media that such a government move may lead to another Saewol ferry disaster. It also added, “It is no other than dictatorship and violation of legislative power that the administration reinforces health care privatization policies, which will make a significant impact on popular health and safety, without proper discussion at the National Assembly, but by revising reinforcement rules and announcing new guidelines.”




3) President Yoo, Ji Hyun kicked off fasting demonstrations near the Blue House, appealing to the public and union members to join the anti-health care privatization struggle.


4) The KHMU plans to call for a vote among union members before starting industrial actions scheduled from June 16—20. The first round of strikes scheduled for June 24—30 will be joined by approximately 44,000 unionists. And the second round is scheduled to begin around July 22, when the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s period of prior-legislative notice on the reinforcement rules ends.




5) The KHMU plans to conduct a campaign to send the government position statements on the prior-legislative notices, which have been collected from different sectors of society






6) We, the KHMU ask international comrades and unionists to support our struggle in solidarity and send the Korean government protest messages that contain the following: oppose public sector privatization advertise the adverse effect of health care privatization plans/policies condemn the government for pushing through health care privatization plans support the KHMU President Yoo’s fasting actions, union members’ strikes and opposition to privatization


7) To find more information, go to the KHMU website (


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