KHMU’s solidarity for UNISON’s <Save Our NHS> struggle

by 교선실장 posted Mar 06, 2012


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Title: KHMU’s solidarity for UNISON’s <Save Our NHS> struggle


Dear Dave Prentis


On behalf of 41,000 members of the Korean Health &Medical Workers’ Union (KHMU), I would like to express KHMU’s support and solidarity for UNISON’s struggle of <Save Our NHS>.

We KHMU have been struggling for realising “Health for All” and opposing the privatisation of healthcare system in South Korea under the flag of “Life before Money”. Let us confess frankly that our struggle towards “Health for All” and “Life before Money” in Korea have been inspired and encouraged by the NHS and UNISON in UK.


It is very sure that the NHS is one of the most historic assets of social security and popular welfare not only for workers in UK, but also for workers in Korea as well as all over the world.


Your struggle is our struggle and UNISON’ struggle is KHMU’s struggle. As always, KHMU will march together with UNISON under the flag of “Life before Money” and “Save Our NHS”.



Yoo, Ji-hyun

President, Korean Health & Medical Workers’ Union




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