4th People's Rally for resignation of Park, Geun-hye

by 교선실장 posted Nov 21, 2016


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Korean health and Medical Workers’ Union(KHMU) joined the 4th People's Rally for resignation of Park, Geun-hye on 19th November. Around 600,000 in Seoul and 300,000 in other provinces gathered.

Last Saturday on 12t, November,  one million people took part in ademonstration in central Seoul calling on President Park Geun-hye to step down due to the influence-peddling scandal involving her confidant Choi soon-sil. Korean Confederation of trade union(KCTU) have now called for a new General strike for the 30th of November to try and force the resignation of the President.

KHMU already lunches a political campaign calling President Park to step-down and for the entire cabinet to resign. KHMU will join the KCTU general strike of November. KHMU will be held Emergency national leaders congress for discussing attending general strike and fighting against the President Park on 21 November.


Under the plan, every city chapter of the national union will hang a placard reading: “Park Guen-hye Out”; train and educate union members; and join in the declaration io state affairs with candlelight demonstrations and associate rallies. 









All photos by KHMU, Copy free


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