KHMU info <1> The KHMU stands in line with candlelight protesters for civil revolution.

by 교선실장 posted Feb 05, 2017


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The KHMU stands in line with candlelight protesters for civil revolution.


Wipe out deep-rooted evils, establish a just nation and society taking life over money ”


The Korean Health and Medical Workers’ Union (The KHMU, President Yoo Ji-hyun) decided to actively join citizens in the candlelight revolution for President Park’s resignation, clean-up of old evils and construction of a new nation.

From January 17 to 18, the KHNU held <the 2017 Joint Leadership Training Camp> at Cheonan Sangrok Resort and made the decision noted above.


The training camp was joined by around three hundred leaders including President Yoo, regional and branch representatives, and full-time staff.


The agenda was as follows: 1. Historical significance of candlelight revolution and political scene forecast in the post-impeachment period 2. The year 2017 strategic tasks of medical and health unions 3. Overall assessment on projects that the KHMU has conducted in 2016 and presentations on major plans for the year 2017 and breakout sessions for in-depth discussions by subjects.


 “You all comrades have kept the agora in such freezing weather to meet the call of history. And we are now gathered here again at one place. In the era of revolution, what and how will we do? It is now the time to share concerns and establish plans as well as strategies. Candlelight demands for more fundamental changes. Let’s wipe out deep-rooted evils, bring about changes from ourselves, and collect forces to rearrange our organization ahead of the 20th anniversary of industry-based union in 2018,” said President Yoo.


The participating leaders continued heated discussions and set the year 2017 as a year to write a new chapter of history that will witness immediate step-down of Park Geun-hye and transfer of power. To make this happen, they committed to holding an one-day education session for the entire union members at the end of March or early April. This year in particular, they will put their utmost effort to have over 50% of 50,000 members attend the session. Those leaders at the training camp defined ‘The 2016 Candlelight Civil Revolution’ with the following key words: Poet’s Pencil, People’s Rope, Communication and Sharing, Revolution, Future, People’s Heart, Dream, Link Connecting You and Me, Politics of Agora, Stepping-Stone, etc.


The KHMU will hold a regular congress of representatives and its 19th anniversary ceremony at Seoul Women’s Plaza from 22 to 23 February and make a final decision about strategies and struggle plans for 2017. 

The National Assembly voted for the impeachment of the President and passed the impeachment bill to the Constitutional Court. The court is supposed to decide if it accepts the bill or not within 180 days from when it receives the bill. The trials are held twice every week, hence, it is expected that the decision will be made at the end of February at the earliest. Once the court decides impeachment, the presidential election should be held within 60 days from then. Therefore, the election will likely take place at the end of April.

Sepearate from impeachment, special prosecution is underway regarding President Park’s monopoly of state affairs, while trials on those associated with the corruption scandal are going on. Citizens braved the blizzard on Saturday, January 21 to continue the rounds of candlelight protests. Now, the next mega-scale rally is schedule to take place on February 25. 













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