KHMUinfo<2> KHMU establishes the Pan-National Headquarters to Stop the Privatization of Healthcare

by 교선실장 posted Feb 03, 2014


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KHMU INFO 3 February, 2014

KHMU establishes the Pan-National Headquarters to Stop the Privatization of Healthcare


On 13 December 2013 Park Geun-hye government announced the Policy to Activate Investment in Service Industries. The essentials of the government policy are the permission of the remote medical examination, the establishment of subsidiaries by hospitals for the purpose of making profit, and the expansion of profit-making businesses inside hospitals.


KHMU believes that the policy is to change the healthcare services of minimum social security system into the market place for allowing capitalists to make money. KHMU is implementing its full-scale struggle against the government policy to worsen the quality of healthcare for the population.


On 27 January 2014 six leading healthcare organizations, such as KHMU, the Korean Medical Association (KMA), the Korean Dental Association (KDA), The Association of Korean Medicine (AKOM), the Korean Pharmaceutical Association (KPA) and the Korean Nurses Association (KNA), came together to hold a press conference to oppose the commercialization of the healthcare services. This press conference was the first-ever joint action by these six organizations in order to oppose the government policy.


On 28 January 2014 KHMU decided to start its struggle against the government policy for the privatization of healthcare services by establishing the Preparatory Committee to Establish the Pan-National Headquarters to Strengthen the Public Healthcare Services and Stop the Privatization of Healthcare System.


The future Pan-National Headquarters is going to implement various activities, such as one-million signature campaign, the parliamentary round forum and candlelight rally, together with the public. 


Additionally, 2000 KHMU members will join the “Peoples’ Strike Day” dated on 25 February, led by the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) and KHMU leaders are going to tonsure their heads in protest.



Photo: Six healthcare organizations are joint the joint campaign against the government policy of the privatization of healthcare services.




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