Yoo Ji-hyun elected as new KHMU president

by 윤효원 posted Dec 03, 2011


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Yoo Ji-hyun was elected as the sixth president of Korean Health & Medical Workers Union (KHMU) on 25 November. The nation-wide election for the 6th leadership of KHMU was held in 23 and 25 November, in which 26,850 member (out of a total of 37,981 KHMU members) cast their ballots and 25,359 voters (94.4%) approved the new leadership consisting of Yoo Ji-hyun as president, Cho Young-ho as first vice president and Park No-bong as general secretary. The term of office for the new national leadership will start on 1 January, 2012 with 3-year term. 

The new leadership promised the below policies and strategies:

  1. happy workplace: sufficient staffing, improved working conditions, job security
  2. strong industrial unionism: workplace-oriented, effective communication with ordinary members, normalization of national collective bargaining, proactive organizing
  3. social unionism: active political participation in 2012 elections for parliament and president, aggressive campaign for health for all and free healthcare service, social campaign for social integration and inclusion




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