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by KANGyb posted Apr 02, 2009


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New Leadership Elected with Overwhelming Approval

The 5th KHMU national leadership was elected on 5 December. KHMU rank-and-file members had cast their votes to elect three national leaders (president, first-vice president and general secretary) between 3 and 5 December. The single candidate team fielded the election without competition.

Out of 36,503 members with voting rights, 26,992 members (73.9 percent) participated in the election and 24,934 voters (92.4 percent) cast their approval ballot.

In the election Na, Soon-ja (local union representative of Ewha Womans University Hospital and nurse in the hospital) was elected as president, Lee Yong-gil (vice-president of KHMU and medical engineer of Namwon Municipal Medical Center) as first-vice president and Yoo Ji-hyun (head of Seoul Regional Branch of KHMU and nurse of Korea University Hospital) as general secretary.

President-elect Na Soon-ja had been the General Secretary of KHMU between 2004 and 2006. Their term of office will start on 1stJanuary, 2009.

* Photo: From left, Jung Hye-sun (first-vice president), Hong Myung-ok (president),

Yoo Ji-hyun (general secretary-elect), Na Soon-ja (president-elect), and Cho Eun-sook (general secretary)

President Na, soon-ja

General secretary Yoo ji-hyun