Abolishment of the evil law concerning the essential jobs

by inter posted Sep 04, 2008


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KHMU demand to revise labor law concerning the essential jobs during collective action.

On 3 September, KHMU held a rally to revise the evil article of Labor Relations Act, “the essential Jobs to be maintained in collective action” in front of the National Labor Relations Commission. 300 KHMU workers joined the rally.  

KHMU argued that the article of “the essentially maintaining jobs” became the revived version of the notorious “compulsory arbitration” which had severely restricted the right to collective action in public sector. The union said, “while many hospitals have voluntarily made agreements concerning the essential maintaining jobs under cooperative atmosphere, some regional-level labor relations commissions under the National Labor Relations Commission unilaterally decided the proportion of “the essential jobs in collective action. If those decisions were implemented, only a small number of hospital workers could join collective action. That may make collective action in hospital disabled and impossible.”

KHMU demand the relevant regional-level labor relations commissions in Seoul, Gyeongbuk and Jeonbuk to withdraw the decisons and decommission the public-interest representatives of the labor relations commission who made the absurd decision.