PSI Solidarity Message to KHMU 10th anniversary

by khmu posted May 20, 2008


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Message of solidarity from Peter Waldorff, General Secretary of Public Services International, to the Korean Health and Medical Workers Union 10th Anniversary on 27 February 2008 It gives me great pleasure to send you solidarity greetings from Public Services International, with its 620 affiliates in 152 countries and territories, representing well over 20 million public service workers world-wide, on this historic occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the Korean Health and Medical Workers Union on 27 February 2008. Your union has made many important achievements over the last decade - such as signing an industrial agreement covering 100 hospitals, improving the pay and conditions of irregular workers, struggling against the commercialization of the healthcare sector, and leading a national campaign for a universal health service for all. PSI supports your demand for universal health care for all, free at the point of delivery. You can count on PSI’s full support and encouragement in the long and on-going struggle for full trade union rights in Korea. I wish the KHMU and its members great strength and determination to continue your work and make even greater achievements in the decade to come! Your struggle is our struggle! PETER WALDORFF PSI General Secretary