PSI solidarity message on 2007 struggle

by khmu posted May 20, 2008


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PSI solidarity message on 2007 struggle


Dear Myong-ok Hong

On behalf of Public Services International, I am writing to express our solidarity and support for the Korean Health and Medical Workers’ Union in the current negotiations with hospital employers.

Hospital and medical workers have the right to aspire to a bargaining system which will allow the establishment of a collective agreement at industrial level.

PSI understands that the KHMWU has made every reasonable effort to ensure sincere negotiations but the actions of the hospital employers association have effectively paralysed the negotiations

Please be assured of our full support in your just demands to the hospital authorities. We will inform our affiliated organisations via our website; PSI represents more than 7 million members in the health sector around the world. Please keep us informed of the outcome or further developments.

In solidarity

General Secretary

CC PSI Tokyo Office
Cc PSI Asia Pacific Office
CC ITUC Geneva and Brussels
CC Korean Mission in Geneva