Main Demands of 2007 National Collective Bargaining

by khmu posted May 20, 2008


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Main Demands of 2007 National Collective Bargaining (KHMU)

1. Strengthening of public heath

To deter government from aggravating a medical law
To expand a coverage of national health insurance up to 80% of medical services
To establish a regulation policy on hospital investment
To set up a supply and demand program for nursing staff

2. Restriction on utilization of irregular workers

To guarantee irregular workers the right to join a trade union
To improve the status of irregular workers
To eliminate discrimination against irregular workers
To introduce irregular jobs only in inevitable cases like pregnancy, childcare, illness of regular workers
To prohibit the introduction of irregular jobs replacing regular jobs

3. Employment security for regular workers

To expand the national unemployment insurance and industrial injury insurance into private university hospitals
To make an agreement in case of restructuring such as redundancy, introduction of new technology and personnel system and outsourcing

4. No to Korea-US FTA

To oppose the Korea-US FTA undermining public health system
To make use of domestic agricultural products for patient meals
To operate hospital cafeterias under direct management

5. Implementation of 2006 collective agreement

To complete the formation of a hospital employer association
To establish a tripartite committee for heath sector

6. Strengthening of national bargaining

To set up a joint committee for industrial wage system, employment security and job training scheme
To revise relevant laws in order to establish a national bargaining at an industrial level

7. Wage increase and introduction of solidarity wage system

To increase wage of regular workers by 9.3%
To increase wage of irregular workers by more than 9.3%
To set up a national minimum wage in hospital sector (which amounts to 50% of regular wage, that is 936,320 won)

8. Improvement of working conditions at work

To implement a full 5-day workweek without work intensification and redundancy
To guarantee a 2-day consecutive off-duty for shift workers
To guarantee overtime pay (150%) for holiday work
To fully implement a menstruation holiday
To provide childcare facilities and expand a parental leave
To improve health and safety at work
To prepare a policy of staffing, organizational and job system in hospital sector