KHMWU advances KCTU campaign against

by khmu posted May 20, 2008


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On 8 November the KHMWU started its campaign against "labor relations roadmap" driven by the Korean government.

As a part of the campaign, 89 KHMWU unionists including its national leadership (president, vice-presidents and general secretary) got their hairs cut in a rally joined by 700 hospital workers, which was organized as a symbolic event to express the KHMWU’s stance opposing the labor relations roadmap.

KHMWU President Hong Myung-ok with no hair said in the rally "cutting hair means our determinationto correct labor laws and restore our self-respect as working class. By cutting our hairs, we want show our resolution to do away with the labor relations roadmap imposed by government."

"The roadmap includes the evil provisions to incapacitate workers’ right to strike, to ease legal requirements for collective lay-offs and to postpone permission of plural unionism at a workplace level.Also, it would allow replacement work in case of strike in public services. While cutting hair can be a shame on women workers, you showed your decision to advance KCTU struggle against the labor relations roadmap, which was made in collusion of the government, Korean Employers Federation (KEF) and Federation of Korean Trade Unions (FKTU) last September." Cho Joon-ho, KCTU president said in the rally.

Prior to this hair-cutting event, KHMWU organized a seminar with the title of "the National Assembly forum to guarantee basic labor rights in essential public services" in the National Assembly hall.

In the seminar where lawmakers, labor law experts and unionists participated, many of discussants pointed out negative impacts of the labor relations roadmapimposed by government on public service workers by saying "if the roadmap bill was passed in the National Assembly, the right to collective action of public workers would be severely undermined. The replacement work in case of strike would be allowed and category of essential public services would be widened. Also, essential maintenance works banning strike would be introduced and widened."

KHMWU will organize over 2000 participants for the KCTU National Workers Rally, which is held on 12 November in downtown Seoul. And, it is scheduled to stage a industry-wide one-day warning strike on 15 November and all-out strike from 22 November as a part of KCTU’s general strike.

10 Nov. 2006

KHMWU advances KCTU campaign against "labor relations roadmap" driven by government