UNI –Global Union General Sectary Philip Jennings strong demand immediate release Han Sang Gyun KCTU president.

by KANGyb posted Sep 09, 2016


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UNI –Global Union General Sectary Philip Jennings strong demand immediate release Han Sang Gyun KCTU president.


UNI –Global Union General Sectary Philip Jennings

UNI-APRO General Secretary Christopher Ng –Korea Visit

Press Conference Text Draft



1.Bro. Lee Yong-Deuk Opening remark


I am honored to present Bro. Philip Jennings, UNI-Global Union general secretary and Christopher Ng, UNI-APRO general secretary a, two Global Warriors for union movement to you.


UNI mission’s purpose of visit to Korea is to call for Immediate Release of Bro. Han Sang-Kyun, KCTU president and a fact-finding of the Korean situation in terms of union repression and intimation of freedom of speech and explore a new global solidarity action in the future.


Secondly, today’s press conference is to express our deep concerns about the government’s imposition of performance base salary system in the public sector and financial industry, which will destroy the traditional industrial relations.


At the same time we will strongly call for the government to withdraw the two guidelines (by the government) for easier dismissal and easier change of employment regulation without consent with employees.


As a member of Labor & Environment Committee of National Assembly as well as former FKTU President, I feel so shameful by myself today. Korea, as a member of ILO, have not ratified 4 ILO basic convention. Our economy size reaches the number 10 in the world, but the international labor standards still stays at the bottom in the world.


Despite of the lowest level of labor standards, the government dared to introduce the two guidelines of labor policies and involuntary performance base salary system which seriously detriment the foundation of the industrial relations and contraction of labor rights. Furthermore, it is very regretful that the political leaders only enjoy to talk about the Constitution revision, and no interests in the labor laws.


After the press conference, I will hold a roundtable discussion with UNI mission to open the critical issues on the table and develop a future international solidarity action .


I want to ask the political leaders for discussing the Basic Labor Rights laws at the same time. I hope UNI, as a global leader organization help us in this process.


I do hope my concerns and suggestions of UNI Mission’s and UNI-KLC leaders be heard by President Park and move to the new stage of resolving the issues soon.



2.Philip Jennings UNI-Global Union General Secretary


I and our UNI-Global Union are very proud of our engagement in your democratization struggle. We were the first international industrial union to come to Korea in the new wave of 87-Democratization Struggle and Democratic union movement in 1980s.


It is no doubt that the Miracle of the Han River” and the following 30 years of economic advancement in Korea is the fruits of workers sacrifice and hardwork. However I am so saddened at the fact that the old-aged poverty rate is the highest in the OECD countries. This is unfair because they are the main labor forces to develop the Korean economy from the ashes of the Korea War and the zero to US$20,000 GDP. Despite of lifetime hardwork, they are abandoned as old-aged poverty, it reflects that the income inequality in Korea is so serious and needs to improve with a political mandate.

Now we are entering a new age, unprecedented times. 4.0 Industrial Revolution walk toward us with a fast speed. The Climate Change and the demographic crisis of population reduction in the advanced countries are doubled social and economic problems. At this crucial times, Korea have another national mandate to resolve the peaceful unification of North and South.


All these complex of problems needs a social consensus among workers and all walks of fields and exercise the capacity of mutual trust and cooperation. However, Korean government’s unilateral labor policy put workers at the corner and totally disrespect the dignity of human being in the unacceptable manner.. At the 21stcentury, Korea, as G20members, must ratify ILOBasic Labor Rights Conventions(no.87,98,29and105)whichwillfitintotheinternationalimageandcapacityofKoreanpoliticalandeconomicpower. Korea should not be positioned a small economic country in the Korean peninsula. As a global economic leader, Korea, must stand with the shoulders of advanced countries and demonstrate the strong commitment of observance of universal labor rights.. Please do not miss your Golden Time.


Now, we express our another deep concerns that the existing labor rights are violated and intimidated in Korea. All international communities are surprised to hear the news that Bro. Han’s sentenced 5 years imprisonment in charge of organizing workers rally to oppose the government’s 4 evil-labor reform policies. This is a clear evidence that Korean government neglects the universal labor rights. This year UNI special rapperteur published a country report saying that the Korean workers are not guaranteed the freedom of association and organizing in the peaceful way. It shows how the Korean society is losing the value of the democracy.

We will not accept to see the further regression of democracy and workers rights any longer. There is no land to step back for us.


I want to say, Now we have to rewrite Magna Charter in the new age. Korean government and employers must stop to see workers as expense or mechanical parts. They should be treated with respect and partners of economic development. Their values of labor and universal human rights must be guaranteed in application of UN Human Rights Principles.


Having said that we cannot stop our fights here.


We promise to extend an international solidarity action to preserve the universal human rights, workers rights and freedom of speech. Our struggle will continue until immediate release of Bro. Han and stop the evil-like labor policies. A Global- Free Han Campaign will be followed.



3.Bro. Kim Whan-Kyun, President of NUMW and chairman of UNI-KLC


First of all The freedom of speech in Korea should be not be falling down any more . As journalists our mission will continue to guarantee the fairness in journalism and fairness of broadcasting so that the diverse opinions will be respected and the democracy will be preserved in the society. We hope all dismissed journalists should come back to work as soon as possible.

Health care services to deal with the patients lives and financial services to provide the pipe line to the local economy are to be imposed to introduce performance base salary system, involuntarily and they are at the cliff. All these ridiculous and illegal policies ordered by the Ministry of Employment and Labor created the tremendous negative impacts, as all workers had to fight each other to survive and over-competition among workers are clearly to be tightened. It must be stopped right now.

Specially the health care services are classified as Essential Services to apply a wide scope of workers in the hospital and the replacement of workers during the strike period is allowed. It makes the strike action no real impacts and powerless. We do not want to have these kinds of paper-labor laws without real rights to strike of workers.


Here, let me summarize our demands

           We condemns the Korean government to sentence 5 years imprisonment for Bro. Han and demand an immediate release of Bro. Han, KCTU President

           We demand the Korean government to ratify ILO convention (87, 98, 29 and 105).

3.Stop the repression on Public Servants Union and Korea Teachers Union

4. Stop Evil-Labor Policy Reform and Performance Base Salary system. If not the case, we will extend a global solidarity action to support KFIU’s 9.23 strike and KHMU’s 9.28 strike action.


5.Call for labor law revision to recognize Special-Employment Status

Workers and guarantee the workers rights and human rights.

           Call for investigate Allianz Life Korea and Doosan Capital, leading multinational corporations and PEF which violate the workers rights and take illegal action in the CBA negotiation.

           Health care services workers lose rights to strike, de facto, reduce the scope of workers in the Essential Services.

           Dismissed journalists must be reinstated immediately. We call for Public Hearing at the National Assembly to investigate the Presidential Office and Administration ‘s attempt to control the media. Finally we call for proceeding the amendment of the act to improve the corporate governance structure to assure the fairness in journalism.


September 7, 2016


UNI-Global Union/UNI-KLC/Lee Yong-Deuk



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