KHMU INFO <7>KHMU Staged All-Out Struggle: Change our Workplaces and Medical System in Korea!

by 교선실장 posted Sep 10, 2015


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KHMU INFO <7> September 10, 2015


KHMU Staged All-Out Struggle:

Change our Workplaces and Medical System in Korea!


At 2:00 pm, September 2, Korea Health and Medical Workers’ Union (KHMU, President Yoo Ji-hyun) staged an all-out struggle rally at the Seoul Station Square. In the rally joined by around 2,000 union members from all over the nation, the national-level healthcare workers’ union urged the government to stop privatization of the health and medical sector and to enact a “Law on Support for Healthcare Human Resources.”


In its resolution statement, the union noted that they would not neglect the current extremely understaffed situation of hospitals any more, emphasizing their demand to enact a special law on healthcare human resources, which ensures safety and quality of services in medical institutions.


In her opening speech, President Yoo said, “The government should have learned a lesson from the MERS outbreak that under no circumstances can the public and non-profit nature of medical services be compromised. But, it now even announced that it would accelerate the privatization processes.” She continued to criticize the government, “The government is about to introduce the profit-seeking hospital system and pass into legislation the Basic Law on Medical Service Improvement, which is a flagship act to push hard the healthcare privatization processes.”


Yoo also affirmed that KHMU would continue to publicize human rights violations and oppressions against union members taking place in Incheon Saint Mary’s Hospital while planning to visit the Vatican in Rome to let them understand what’s happening in Korea’s catholic hospital. 


From the rally onward, KHMU will continue to develop the all-out struggles in order to urge the government to nullify its plan for re-structuring the public sector, stop healthcare sector privatization, strengthen the public nature of medical services, enact a law on healthcare human resources, and create an environment in hospitals where patients, employees and labor are all respected.


KHMU is currently leading negotiations with hospitals and in case that it fails to have employers agree to accept its demands, it will propose an industrial dispute settlement in mid October while staging a strike at the same time.

The core agenda in the bargaining include an increase in staffing level, improvement in working conditions and objection against possible introduction of the salary peak system. 

After the rally, union members marched in the street of downtown Seoul for about an hour and dispersed on their own.


From 9:00 am before the rally, with national assemblymen from opposition parities, KHMU had a discussion session titled <Enactment of Law on Healthcare Human Resources and Appropriate System for Comprehensive Nursing Services>. 

Meanwhile, union members from Incheon staged a protest in front of the Incheon Diocese to demand for resolution of Incheon Saint Mary’s Hospital’s issues.


  • struggle rally at the Seoul Station Square


  • union members marched in the street of downtown Seoul

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