KHMU 2nd Strike on July 22nd

by 교육선전실장 posted Jul 15, 2014


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KHMU 2nd Strike on July 22nd

The recent Sewol ferry disaster rang the alarm about safety in our society, and KHMU has also exerted greater efforts to create a safer health and medical environment under the slogan, “Life before Money, Safety before Money.”

However, Park’s administration has turned a blind eye to such needs and public requests for safety and implemented its original policy plans for privatization (commercialization). KHMU has devoted all our energy to stop such an irrational move by the government.

 DSC_1926.JPG >Protests on July 9, in front of Welfare ministry office

In the best example of our actions, President Yoo Ji-hyun has joined in hunger street protests for ten days. In addition, KHMU, together with like-minded civil organizations, has conducted a one million signature campaign against healthcare privatization plans, and we have already reached one-half of our target: 530,000 signatures.


The first round of warning strikes against privatization plans took place on June 24, joined by around 4,000 unionists. And we are spreading such privatization protests by holding press conferences, street and candlelight demonstrations, and signature campaigns. We also plan to stage the second round of strikes that will start on July 22nd and end on the 26th. We hope will be attending by around 6,000 unionists on 22nd strike rally.


> ress conference on July 3rd in front of National Assembly



We strongly believe that stopping privatization is a shared cause for all healthcare workers around the world to protect the healthcare sector for the common good, and to uphold people’s right to health.



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