KHMU info 13> KHMU elected Na Soon-ja, Park No-bong and Han Mi-jeong as the 8th leadership.

by 교선실장 posted Dec 06, 2017


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KHMU Info No. 13(December 6, 2017)

KHMU elected Na Soon-ja, Park No-bong and Han Mi-jeong as the 8th leadership.

Of union membership, 68.7% voted in the direct election held from November 21st to the 23rd, and members 94.8% of them affirmed the candidates.

KHMU elected Na Soon-ja as President, Park No-bong as First Vice President, and Han Mi-Jung as General Secretary of the 8th leadership. A sole candidate for each position ran for the election, and the direct election took place from November 21st (Tue) to the 23rd (Thu). Out of 49,084 union members, 34,194 members voted (68.7% voter turnout) and 32,414 of those taking part voted yes (94.8% approval rate). The Vice President and the Auditor will be elected by delegates at the Temporary Delegation Congress in January.



<Photo> The KHMU leadership clinched an election victory!


Under the slogan of “KHMU, our dream will come true with youthful passion and 20-year-long experiences,” the elected leadership toured each branch nationwide and campaigned from November 6th(Mon) to the 20th(Mon).

President-elect Na Soon-ja, who started her career as a nurse at Ewha Woman’s University Medical Center, served as the fifth KHMU President (2009–2011), and now chairs the non-unionized worker’s committee of KHMU. First Vice President-elect Park No-bong, who served as the 2nd and 6th KHMU General Secretary, is now the KHMU Vice President. General Secretary-elect Han Mi-jeong, a nurse at Hanyang University Center, served as the head of KHMU’s Seoul branch and vice president and is now the KHMU General Secretary.

The election of regional branch leaders coincided with the leadership election: 9 out of 11 branches held the election simultaneously.

The 8th leadership will serve its three-year-term from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2020. The farewell and the inaugural ceremony will take place during the Regular Delegate Convention at the end of February.




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