KHMU Info No. 11 1,500 union members of the Eulji Foundation (two affiliates) have been out on strike for Seven days

by 교선실장 posted Oct 16, 2017


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KHMU Info No. 11(released on October 16, 2017)

1,500 union members of the Eulji Foundation (two affiliates) have been out on strike for Seven days

Most of the KHMU affiliates reached an agreement in the negotiations without a strike. 

The agreement features the addition of up to 10,000 workers and part-time workers will become full-time staff.


Eulji hospitals in Daejeon city and Seoul city, affiliates of the Korean Health and Medical Workers Union (KHMU), went on strike on October 10. The union members of the two hospitals gathered in the lobby of the hospitals for peaceful protests. Essential core services, including ER work, are still being provided as required by the law.

The two hospitals on strike joined the KHMU just two years ago and since July of this year, the union has negotiated with hospital management. Ultimately, the employer’s failure to bargain in good faith led the KHMU affiliates to call a strike.


The wage levels of the workers in the two hospitals are as low as 60% of that at other private hospitals. Wages of nurses who have worked for 20 years are almost equivalent to that of entry-level nurses in other private hospitals. The statistics are as follows: the budget for employees’ salary represents 41.7% of the total budget, on average among private hospitals nationwide. In contrast, only 26% and 35% of the total budget is allocated to employee salaries in Eulji Daejeon and Seoul, respectively. 

Meanwhile, KHMU’s 96 affiliates proposed a settlement with the labor committee on September 5 all together, and 62 concluded the bargaining sessions by September 21, which was the deadline for settlement. The rest extended the settlement period and continued the negotiations. Finally, 94 affiliates completed the negotiations without a strike.    



Notably, 13 out of 62 affiliates reached an agreement within the initial settlement period, and successfully added another 1,300 workers in total. At the same time, 520 part-time and temporary workers will become regular full-time staff members under the agreement. As this figure came from only 13 affiliates, of which agreements specified the number of additional workers and converts irregular workers on the initial deadline of the settlement, the number of regular workers, the number of additional employees are expected to increase up to 10,000 in total once the remaining 49 agreements have been collected and analyzed.


KHMU President Yoo Ji-hyun has completed cancer treatments.

Last week, Yoo Ji-hyun, the President of the KHMU, completed her cancer treatments. She underwent cancer surgery and continued receiving chemotherapy and drug treatment for four consecutive months. She will have another brief surgery at the end of October and plans to rest for full recovery after it. President Yoo has endured the rigors of cancer treatment and maintained relatively good health.

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