KHMU Info No. 9 KHMU Ad hoc Congress Decides to Apply for Settlement on September 5

by 교선실장 posted Aug 24, 2017


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KHMU Info No. 9(released on August 23, 2017)

KHMU Ad hoc Congress Decides to Apply for Settlement on September 5, 2017


The Korean Health and Medical Workers’ Union (KHMU, President Yoo Ji-hyun) held an ad hoc congress at T-Art Hall (Yeoui-do) at 1:00 pm on August 16 (Thursday) to make a decision about job creation, medical sector reform, and plans for organized resistance.


Since the conclusion of the collective bargaining by the labor and management in July, the KHMU has held workplace bargaining at each site in August. If the negotiations don’t reach a mutual agreement, concerned branches will submit applications to the government (labor committees) to settle the dispute. By September 5, each workplace will try to conclude the bargaining by negotiating with employers twice per week, holding a working-level sessions and three-day intensive negotiations.

After the settlement application is completed, in the next 15 days, union representatives will seek possible concessions from employers through labor-management negotiations, but if the parties remain far apart, the KHMU will launch a strike and all-out protests on September 21.

At the last ad hoc congress held on May 17, the KHMU made the following requests from employers and the government: increasing staffing levels creating jobs with the full implementation of an integrated nursing-caregiving system cutting working hours   lowering the turnover rate by providing improved working conditions   observing medical laws and regulations   converting atypical workers into regular workers realizing the social responsibility of hospitals wraising wages improving labor-management relationship  creating a society where anyone can receive necessary medical services without worries about cost.

For wages, in particular, the KHMU decided to demand a 7.4% increase (total amount-based), and at the same time, the nationwide union will consider some important matters such as decent job creation, higher staffing levels and resolving atypical workers’ issues in negotiations.

The KHMU started its collective bargaining in June and reached agreement with employers on July 12, 2017. However, it failed to reach an agreement on workplace-specific issues including wage increases and working conditions. Hence, the union continues to pursue site-specific and branch-level negotiations.


Meanwhile, the KHMU plans to hold a press conference at 11:00 am on August 30 for <Converting Atypical Job Positions to Regular Job Positions in Public Medical Institutions> to reveal the current working conditions of atypical workers in public hospitals and urge the government to resolve irregular workers’ issues.

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