Solidarity message for the Annual National Congress of KHMU

by 교선실장 posted Mar 12, 2013


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Dear colleagues in KHMU,


On behalf of the more than 20 million members of Public Services International in 150 countries

around the world, I send you our congratulations and solidarity on the occasion of KHMU’s Annual

National Congress 2013.


We understand how important the national congress is for your union especially to adopt

resolutions against the privatization and commercialization of healthcare services, and to advance

the universal coverage of the National Health Insurance (NHI) and “Health for All”.


PSI knows of the great difficulties our Korean affiliates are facing, especially after the results of the

December presidential elections. Despite President-elect Park Geun-hye’s superficial talk of the

strengthening of welfare and economic democratization, we understand that the reality is more

likely to be the weakening of public services and increased repression of public sector and other

labour unions.


We are deeply concerned about the political situation and would like to assure our continued

support to your union and members as you continue to defend and achieve these quality public

services. The challenges are great in these times, but by standing together we will continue to

achieve positive gains for working people and our families.


PSI wishes you a very successful the Annual National Congress of KHMU.


In solidarity,


Rosa Pavanelli

PSI General Secretary




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