2008 National CBA is Completed

by inter posted Aug 28, 2008


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KHMU Info - 28 August , 2008


KHMU and Hospital Employers’ Association make the 2008 CBA.


KHMU made the 2008 National Collective Agreement with the Hospital Employers’ Association on 26 August.

The negotiation started in April and has continued for four months.


The main contents of the agreement as follows:

- 4~5 percent of wage increase.

- Industrial Minimum Wage should be increased to 950,000 won (around 930 USD) per a month.

- Wage increase rate for irregular workers should be higher than that of regular workers.

- Meat with doubt of mad cow disease should be banned in hospitals.

- Fresh agro-livestock products should be provided in hospitals.

- Supplement of the staffing for hospital should be made.

- Joint cooperation to improve the medical evaluation system which government is in charge of.

- The Charter of Patient Rights and the National Health Insurance System should be more actively publicized by hospitals.

- Menstruation holiday should be paid.

- Mechanism and tools to eliminate workplace violence should be introduced and strengthened.

- The National Labor-Management Council should be immediately held.


Further details information will be distributed soon.


Photo: KHMU workers have a rally for 2008 CBA at the lobby of the Kyunghee University Hospital on 12 August, 2008.


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